Thursday, January 21, 2021

Flying butterfly,
Paradigm shift may obtain,
Be perseverance.
Haiku by
The Black Rose


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Insurrectiion ... Sedition ... & ... Treason

                                               ... IN MY BACK YARD ...

Post 6th Jan 2021 Coup d'état attempt:
The narrative is already being spun ...
"to wit" that the 2nd impeachment of "IMPOTUS3"
     was for "inciting a riot,"...
        rather than being impeached for ...
              "Inciting Insurrection" ...
OK! Sorta, kinda like, U know ...
     "Then, like, you know,
          ...she was molested .., &
                then she 'passed away'."
(Rather than being raped & murdered) ...
Thank-you Nietsche for informing that...
     "Language falsifies reality."

Oh well, Plato (Bk5 "The Republic") used images rather than language for the same end.


























Monday, January 18, 2021





RE:  The Above

"Hot-links" ... footnotes ... bibliography? YO ...FUCK-the-FUCK OFF!

"wiki"..."google" y'alls own selves!

& ... 1%'rs? ... to their banks ... AGAIN!

Monday, January 11, 2021


... Stratfor...
7 Jan 2021
...The Washington Post...
11 Jan 2021
... More to Follow
...CBS News...
12 Jan 2021
 ... New Civil rights Movement ...
13 Jan 2021

Gov. Schwarzenegger's Message Following Attack on the Capitol

Michael Moore: The Terrorist Attack Is NOT Over.

Friday, January 08, 2021

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Don't Mean Fuck-All

16th Jan 2021

Lt. Uhura:  "Captain, I'm receiving an incoming emergency transmission from Starfleet Medical Command."

Captain Kirk:  "Put it on-screen Lieutenant."

 Lt. Uhura:  "Aye Captain."


SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (VOC) (B.1.1.7) presents an unusually large number of mutations, including increased transmissibility: However, no evidence suggests that the variant has any impact on the severity of disease, vaccine efficacy or target host susceptibility.
So, continue to
>...physically distance,
>...wash your hands, &
>...change your underwear!

Captain Kirk:  "Spock, what do you make of this?"

Mr. Spock:  "Captain, I have insufficient data to support any conclusion, and I will not entertain speculation."

Dr. McCoy:  "Captain, this & other SARS-CoV-2 mutations

may be going exponential!"

Mr. Spock:  "Bones, again you lack sufficient data."

Dr. McCoy:  "Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a mathematician ...                         people are dying!"

Capt. Kirk to Mr. Scott:  "Scottie, leave orbit at warp speed 1.5 and create a Dyson Sphere Security Shell around the planet."

Capt. Kirk to Lt. Uhura: "Lt. Uhura, open a channel to Star Fleet Command.  Inform them of my Emergency Action Protocol Order pursuant to Star Fleet's Prime Directive, and suggest that this planet be quarantined from the rest of the galaxy.."

Lt. Uhura to Capt. Kirk:  "Aye Sir."

Capt. Kirk:   ENGAGE!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Back to the Deja Vu

                December 17, 2020

Energy and Commerce Committee vs.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Some senior Democrats, fearing not only the inevitable generational shift, also feared a firebrand such as AOC could cause "bi-partisan" issues as Congress attempts to draft health,climate and economic policies next year.

Coming out most forcefully against Ocasio-Cortez,
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), is one of the many representatives and the caucus's most conservative member, who has close ties to the oil and gas industries, and who was also backed by the Koch political machine, won his primary challenge with an Ocasio-Cortez endorsement, .

Anti-"Green New Deal" and anti-"Medicare for All" Radical-Right New Democrat Coalition Leadership Member Rep. Kathleen Rice (New York "Centrist") and recognized "2020 Beer Champion," was an obvious choice for the entrenched Conservative House Democratic Radical-Rightists.

House Speaker Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (D-CA) continuing her collaboration with the Elite Oligarchs, will most likely enact the Bush II Doctrine:  Put IMPOTUSIII behind us so that we can step forward towards the end of the day, healing our divided democracy, and by forgiving past greviences, move into the future in a bi-partisan fashion doing the business of the American people and of this great nation that it may once again be that Shining Golden City on the Hill.
 "One major difference between GOP and Dems is that [Republicans] leverage their right flank to gain policy concessions and generate enthusiasm, while Dems lock their left flank in the basement [because] they think that will make Republicans be nicer to them."
AOC - December 20,2020 tweet

Thursday, November 26, 2020


And Remember,  Christmas is Just Around the Corner,
so ..... Be Good and
Santa Will Bring y'all a Bottle of Jack Black for New Year's.

"You tell 'em I'm comin' and Hell is comin' with me,  you hear?"
"Tombstone" (the Movie)


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Honest Government Ad | TRUMP 2020


 December 18, 2020
                       PART ONE:  14TH DECEMBER 2020 C.E.
A)  Family Intervention by Javanka, et. al?, ... NO ...
      1) Not until he is out of office,
      2) Not until their co-dependent grifting is no longer practible, and/or,
      3) Not until ABSOLUTELY APPARENT that he is bat-shit fucking-insane;
B)  25th Amendment? ... NO ... See: "A3" above);
C)  Conceed? ...he hasn't, isn't & won't;
D)  By Force of Law?:
      1)  "Perp-Walk"? ... NO ... that is, by practice, a public spectacle, a binary
            2-Ring Circus [R vs.L]) ... that the powers-that-be need to avoid in order
            to put another myth-band-aid upon the efficacy of the "democracy"..,
      2) Extradition to the World Court? ... NO ... See: "D1" above, &,          
      3)  Extradition to the Hague? ... NO ... See: all-of-the-above;
E)  U.S. Military Intervention (coup d'etat)? ... NO ... See: "D1" above;
F)  Bunker-Down? ... YES ...  already a de facto accomplishment;
G) Revolution? ... YES ... "Fat-Donnie-Two-Scoops IS the revolution;
H) Civil War? ... of course! ...
      1) By binary "both-siderism" & "what-aboutism" etc, ...
           (re: "The Turner Diaries" and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion), &
      2) While the Republicans and the Alt-Right are experiencing
            post-election readjustments, the fringe may self-isolate
            while the core reorganizes under a "Confederation of QAnons"
            that are now in the process of insinuation into the
            Republican, Libertarian and Independent wings
            of the national, and some state governments;
IRebellion? -  In Process
     Spontaneous Individual Actors
     (Acting at a local level) -
     Irrationally Rude, Crude & Insulting
     Anti-Maskers & Anti-Vaxxers,  who are
     Trolling, Bullying & Threatening
     Racists, anti-Semites & Misogynists .....
     Who may "Flash-Mob" and/or self-organize into being Insurrectionists.
J)  Insurrection ? - In Process
     ad hoc Group Actors
     (Semi-Organized Individual Actors acting at a regional level)
ADDENDUM:  Not rising to the National level, Classical Revolution, Civil War,
Rebellion and Insurrection, in the present context, may rather be more
appropriately understood as being Regional Asymmetrical Temper-Tantrums.
K) Solution:
       1) Milk all  MAGA  grifts until 20 Jan 2021 by
            a)  Keeping the Conservative Sycophants ..... sycophanting,
            b)  Keeping the Rubes voting,
            c)  Keeping the Rubes doing their street-theater, &
            d)  Keeping the Rubes donating to "the Cause,"
       2)  Form an informal, decentralized, Pay-to-Play Ad Hoc
             Neo-Alt Government-In-Exile (Internal) centered in the
             IMPOTUS3 Family Compound at the Mar-a-Lago Club.
In 1985, Mar-a-Lago was purchased by Fat Donnie Two-Scoops
for around $10 million.
A 1990's zoning  change:
Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach is taxed as a private club .....
NOT as a residential property, therefore,
1) No one may reside for more than 7 consecutive days &
2) No one may reside for more than 21 days in total in same calendar year.
Palm Beach County Circuit Court - Fat Donnie Two-Scoops 
changes primary residence from Manhattan to Mar-a-Lago.
04 Oct 2019
The PussyGrabber leaving New York,
making Mar-a-Lago his permanent residency.
01 Nov 2019
Ballots for Fat Donnie Two-Scoops and First Gold-Digger Melanija Knavs were mailed to his Mar-a-Lago Club.
14 Aug 2020
Secret Service planning on IMPOTUS3
spending the majority of his post-presidency at the Mar-a-Lago Club.
23 Nov 2020
IMPOTUS3 faces Mar-a-Lago legal challengeover plans to make it his home.
03 Dec 2020
Since taking office, the total tax-paid expense of IMPOTUS3 golf outings:
an estimated $77,000,000.
 06 Sep 2018
The Secret Service needs turbo-charged golf carts
to protect IMPOTUS3 at Mar-a-Lago
21 Nov 2018
Mar-a-Lago Club Quarters Being Renovated.
Gold-Digger Melanija Knavs Looks at Schools for Barron.
03 Dec 2020
'Billionaire Bunker Ranchettes' on Miami island 
To Be $30 Million Home For Javanka
December 8, 2020
08 Dec 2020
Javanka's $30 Million Bunker-Home on Indian Creek Island
Comes with a "Homestead Exemption"-
Protects it from being seized by creditors.
December 11,2020
Princess Sparkle-Pussy moving to Florida
December 11, 2020
Mar-a-Lago Neighbors to IMPOTUS3:
15 Dec 2020 @ 10:50 p.m. MST
                 PART THREE:  16TH DECEMBER 2020 C.E.
16 Dec 2020
Fat Donnie Two-Scoops Is Trying to Wriggle Out of Past Deals 
That Prohibit Him From Residing at Mar-a-Lago.
16 Dec 2020

Fat Donnie Two-Scoops's Mar-a-Lago Problem
December 17, 2020