Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Gaines Mowbray Davidson (1971 - 2009):

I shall ever be honored to have called him my friend, and
I shall ever be humbled that he called me his.

the Black Rose

Behold the Summer Grass
All that Remains of the
Dreams of Warriors.

haiku by Basho


(image by the Black Rose)
Karl Marx was a binary-thinker: "Owners vs. Workers". Hence, he was unable to anticipate organized-workers saving Capitalism. Who now is able and willing to place what more sacrifice upon the alter of CAPITALISM? More workers? Less Middle-Class? More slaves? More genocide? More eco-cide?

Perhaps a third-way is organized labor co-operating with entrepreneurial capitalists (to the exclusion of trans & multi & supra-nationalist CAPITALISTS)?

Karl Marx did not ride a Harley-Davidson!
When CAPITALISM failed...
the workers purchased their means of production...

Harley-Davidson is manufactured & owned by its workers.

Don't wait for one Semi to pass the other...ride the dotted line...
let them see you coming...split them...move them aside...
& ride on @125MPH (Montana - 1979)
"A Consideration of Contemporary American Harley-Riders as Being Representative of the Traditional Horse-Culture Concept in Anthropology" (the Black Rose - UCD, 1976)The sound of a Harley is like a burst of dirty thunder. (Hunter S. Thompson)
Any day lived as a Warrior
Is a Good day to die.