Wednesday, March 18, 2009


(image by the Black Rose)
Karl Marx was a binary-thinker: "Owners vs. Workers". Hence, he was unable to anticipate organized-workers saving Capitalism. Who now is able and willing to place what more sacrifice upon the alter of CAPITALISM? More workers? Less Middle-Class? More slaves? More genocide? More eco-cide?

Perhaps a third-way is organized labor co-operating with entrepreneurial capitalists (to the exclusion of trans & multi & supra-nationalist CAPITALISTS)?

Karl Marx did not ride a Harley-Davidson!
When CAPITALISM failed...
the workers purchased their means of production...

Harley-Davidson is manufactured & owned by its workers.

Don't wait for one Semi to pass the other...ride the dotted line...
let them see you coming...split them...move them aside...
& ride on @125MPH (Montana - 1979)
"A Consideration of Contemporary American Harley-Riders as Being Representative of the Traditional Horse-Culture Concept in Anthropology" (the Black Rose - UCD, 1976)The sound of a Harley is like a burst of dirty thunder. (Hunter S. Thompson)
Any day lived as a Warrior
Is a Good day to die.