Saturday, November 19, 2011


Not quite 100,000 have shifted their funds.
That message sent a shock-wave along the corridors of power.

"If work has no Intention, then
it's not work at all,
it's an empty motion." (from the Upanishads).

In the above context,
saving money would be an empty motion, while
sending a message to a corrupt system would be...

In either event, the context within which the above obtained
would be referred to by the French as a
Beau Geste...a "magnificent gesture"....
knowing that the gesture will, ultimately fail,
yet doing it anyway...because it is
...honorable to do so.

Not addressing Capitalism itself is
to shift the deck-chairs on the Titanic from
Starboard to Port, all-the-while oh-so
discussing what tune shall the band play.

What magnificent pathos...this!