Saturday, May 04, 2013

Unpublished Papers of the Black Rose

"A Consideration of the American Harley Rider
As Being Representative of the Traditional 
Horse Culture Concept in Anthropology"

"Warfare & Culture I:  Virtual Warfare Among Sedentary Agriculturalists vs. Ritual Warfare Among Hunter-Gatherers"

"Warfare & Culture II:  Virtual Warfare Among Vertically-Organisized Societies vs. Ritual Warfare Among Horizontally-Organisized Societies"

"Warfare & Culture III:  Virtual Warfare Among Patriarchal Societies vs. Ritual Warfare Among Matriarchal Societies"

"The Fall of Icarus:  The 101st Airborne in World War II and the American Warrior-Myth:  1941 - 1945"

"De-constructing Contemporary American Historical Mythology:  1945 - 1995"
Veteran's Stories 1.0

Turlock, California - early 1950's;
     Houck's Drugstore - SE corner of West Main & South Broadway.

A legless & tattered man scuttling around on a platform cobbled together
     from discarded 2X4's & re-cycled roller-skates:  selling pencils.

Holding my father's hand, walking into the drugstore for - coffee & donuts;
     watching others - stepping-around and ignoring the legless man.

Dad always, every time ... bought one pencil for $5;
     $5 for one fucking pencil!

Whenever I asked Dad about the legless-man,
     his body seemed to become ... harder than it was
     (restraining some ... dark energy), and, then:
Modern-day war-pundits would say that my father's eyes
     took a "1000-yard stare" ... ("something that comes from
          looking for the enemy").
Looking into the eyes of the legless man,
My father's eyes were "tunneling-into-his-own-past":
     seeing, SEEING and re-living NOW what was then;
          LEYTE GULF - watching legs being blown off by Japanese bombs;

               terrorfied  that his legs would be the next to go.
Dropping $5 into the legless man's empty cigar-box
     without the compensation of a pencil
          would have dishonored & diminished them both.

Now, after all of these many years later, when I look into a mirror ...
     I see my father's eyes,

          Mirroring my eyes ...
               The eyes of a veteran ...

An  infinity  of veteran's  eyes.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

O'Conner (Update of 4 Jan 2010 post)

"Oh NO!" - your response to early 2000
election returns favoring Gore;
You speak of the responsibility of the Court -
what of the responsibility of your swing vote?

You stood at a Crossroad of History; and
History will Judge you.

You fear that which you already know:
that your entire judicial career
will be evaluated by that
single decision.

For that decision...
your president awarded you the
"Medal of Freedom"

For Betraying the Republic,
the Black Rose awards you the...

"Distinguished Wings of Icarus"