Friday, August 01, 2014


... Interesting paint-job on the aircraft! ... imho lol ;-}

First it infected Africans, and I was unafraid -
Because I was not an African.

Then it infected Medical staff, and I was unafraid -
Because I was not Medical staff.

Then it infected White Christians, and I was unafraid -
Because I was not a White-Christian.

Then the infected Americans were brought home,
and I became afraid -
Because Ebola had never been in the Western Hemisphere.
... except of course @ USAMRID, Reston VA.

(with an apology to Pastor Niemoller)

AIDS was responded to as a "Gay Disease."
EVD is being responded to as a "3rd World Disease."
Main-stream corporate media only paid attention when
White-American-Christian-Medical-Missionaries became infected.
(the missing White-American, blue-eyed, blond-haired girl story)
Then the sources of the news shifted from on-the-ground to
Press releases from WHO, CDC and the White House.