Monday, July 20, 2015

"Gangs of the State"

" an institution, police act as state-sanctioned gangs charged with the task of upholding the violent, racist hierarchy of white supremacist capitalism and, whenever possible, furthering a monopoly of power where all violence from/by those higher on the hierarchy upon those lower can be normalized into business as usual.
    "Ultimately, cops are praised because they enforce violence on behalf of the moneyed class. They protect existing power, wealth, and the right to exploit for profit, while simultaneously appearing to exist primarily for public safety. Straddling this paradoxical position, cops are worshiped because they are explicitly and implicitly attached to the rewards of privilege under capitalism.
    "The ultimate limitation of capitalism is that it will always need an exploitable class of people to produce profit for an insignificantly small wealthy population."
                                                       By Frank Castro, The Hampton Institute

Criminalizing Dissent

"Democracy is inimical to

Imperial mobilizaton."

Zbigniew Brzezinski


"The Old World is dying, and

the New World struggles

to be born.

Now is the Time of Monsters."

Antonio Gramsci

The Counted:  People Killed by police in the U.S.

 Database:  the Guardian