Monday, May 25, 2020


 Dr. Rebekah D. Jones
 B.A. (Earth Science) [cum laude] - Syracuse University,
 B.A. (Journalism) [cum laude] - Syracuse University,
M.A. (Mass Communication) - Louisiana State University,
M.A. (Geography) - Louisiana State University,
PhD. (Geography) - Florida State University.
Doctoral Dissertation:
"Using Native American Sitescapes to Extend the North American Paleotempestological Record Through Coupled Remote Sensing and Climatological Analysis"

 March 31 2020
"Dr. Jones Was fired for refusing to 'manually change data'
(ed: This steps on more than a few toes!)
~ May 20, 2020 ~
Rebekah Jones Faces Sexual Cyber-Harassment Charges
(ed: Now it begins!)
 ~ May 20, 2020 ~
COVID Dashboard Whistle-Blower Rebekah Jones Speaks Out
(She just cast-down her gauntlet!)
~ June 25, 2020 ~
 Ron DeSantis angrily dismisses allegation from fired scientist that officials are massaging figures to hide true impact of coronavirus
(ed: A shot fired across her bow!)
~ June 26, 2020 ~
(December 7, 2020)
Ex-data scientist rips Florida governor after raid by state police: ‘They pointed guns at my kids
December 7 2020 
December 8 2020
MORE AT: | NPR |CNN | CBS | NBC | ABC | & Newsweek
Fired COVID-19 data scientist posts video
of Florida agents raiding her home:
December 7, 2020
 Dec 8 2020 ..... YouTube
The Pat Turston Show Podcast(KGO - San Francisco CA)
(Counter #28.57)
December 8, 2020
The Nicole Sandler Show Podcast (Ind. Coral Springs FL}
(Counter #08:24)
December 8, 2020
Did COVID data whistleblower hack Florida’s emergency alert system?  Police raid her home:
December 9, 2020

Ron DeSantis’ ex-judicial commissioner explains the real reason he thinks Florida data scientist was targeted
 December 9, 2020
 on ousted data scientist’s home
in protest over raid on ousted data scientist’s home
December 9, 2020
Florida’s Justification for
Police Raiding Rebekah Jones Looks Shaky:
December 9, 2020

Dr. Jones Speaks Out: Florida Gov. DeSantis
says Florida cyber-crime expert
December 10 2020

for asking about search
December 11 2020

Ron DeSantis has angry shouting meltdown after raid goes awry
 December 11, 2020
December 16, 2020

December 16, 2020
Florida Newspapers Sue DeSantis Administration:
Lack of Transparency on COVID-19 Pandemic
 December 14, 2020
19 Jan 2021
21 Jan 2021
 Then This:  CDC official says she was told to delete email on kids’ COVID-19 risk to match Trump’s school reopening message
December 10, 2020