Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 December 18, 2020
                       PART ONE:  14TH DECEMBER 2020 C.E.
A)  Family Intervention by Javanka, et. al?, ... NO ...
      1) Not until he is out of office,
      2) Not until their co-dependent grifting is no longer practible, and/or,
      3) Not until ABSOLUTELY APPARENT that he is bat-shit fucking-insane;
B)  25th Amendment? ... NO ... See: "A3" above);
C)  Conceed? ...he hasn't, isn't & won't;
D)  By Force of Law?:
      1)  "Perp-Walk"? ... NO ... that is, by practice, a public spectacle, a binary
            2-Ring Circus [R vs.L]) ... that the powers-that-be need to avoid in order
            to put another myth-band-aid upon the efficacy of the "democracy"..,
      2) Extradition to the World Court? ... NO ... See: "D1" above, &,          
      3)  Extradition to the Hague? ... NO ... See: all-of-the-above;
E)  U.S. Military Intervention (coup d'etat)? ... NO ... See: "D1" above;
F)  Bunker-Down? ... YES ...  already a de facto accomplishment;
G) Revolution? ... YES ... "Fat-Donnie-Two-Scoops IS the revolution;
H) Civil War? ... of course! ...
      1) By binary "both-siderism" & "what-aboutism" etc, ...
           (re: "The Turner Diaries" and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion), &
      2) While the Republicans and the Alt-Right are experiencing
            post-election readjustments, the fringe may self-isolate
            while the core reorganizes under a "Confederation of QAnons"
            that are now in the process of insinuation into the
            Republican, Libertarian and Independent wings
            of the national, and some state governments;
IRebellion? -  In Process
     Spontaneous Individual Actors
     (Acting at a local level) -
     Irrationally Rude, Crude & Insulting
     Anti-Maskers & Anti-Vaxxers,  who are
     Trolling, Bullying & Threatening
     Racists, anti-Semites & Misogynists .....
     Who may "Flash-Mob" and/or self-organize into being Insurrectionists.
J)  Insurrection ? - In Process
     ad hoc Group Actors
     (Semi-Organized Individual Actors acting at a regional level)
ADDENDUM:  Not rising to the National level, Classical Revolution, Civil War,
Rebellion and Insurrection, in the present context, may rather be more
appropriately understood as being Regional Asymmetrical Temper-Tantrums.
K) Solution:
       1) Milk all  MAGA  grifts until 20 Jan 2021 by
            a)  Keeping the Conservative Sycophants ..... sycophanting,
            b)  Keeping the Rubes voting,
            c)  Keeping the Rubes doing their street-theater, &
            d)  Keeping the Rubes donating to "the Cause,"
       2)  Form an informal, decentralized, Pay-to-Play Ad Hoc
             Neo-Alt Government-In-Exile (Internal) centered in the
             IMPOTUS3 Family Compound at the Mar-a-Lago Club.
In 1985, Mar-a-Lago was purchased by Fat Donnie Two-Scoops
for around $10 million.
A 1990's zoning  change:
Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach is taxed as a private club .....
NOT as a residential property, therefore,
1) No one may reside for more than 7 consecutive days &
2) No one may reside for more than 21 days in total in same calendar year.
Palm Beach County Circuit Court - Fat Donnie Two-Scoops 
changes primary residence from Manhattan to Mar-a-Lago.
04 Oct 2019
The PussyGrabber leaving New York,
making Mar-a-Lago his permanent residency.
01 Nov 2019
Ballots for Fat Donnie Two-Scoops and First Gold-Digger Melanija Knavs were mailed to his Mar-a-Lago Club.
14 Aug 2020
Secret Service planning on IMPOTUS3
spending the majority of his post-presidency at the Mar-a-Lago Club.
23 Nov 2020
IMPOTUS3 faces Mar-a-Lago legal challengeover plans to make it his home.
03 Dec 2020
Since taking office, the total tax-paid expense of IMPOTUS3 golf outings:
an estimated $77,000,000.
 06 Sep 2018
The Secret Service needs turbo-charged golf carts
to protect IMPOTUS3 at Mar-a-Lago
21 Nov 2018
Mar-a-Lago Club Quarters Being Renovated.
Gold-Digger Melanija Knavs Looks at Schools for Barron.
03 Dec 2020
'Billionaire Bunker Ranchettes' on Miami island 
To Be $30 Million Home For Javanka
December 8, 2020
08 Dec 2020
Javanka's $30 Million Bunker-Home on Indian Creek Island
Comes with a "Homestead Exemption"-
Protects it from being seized by creditors.
December 11,2020
Princess Sparkle-Pussy moving to Florida
December 11, 2020
Mar-a-Lago Neighbors to IMPOTUS3:
15 Dec 2020 @ 10:50 p.m. MST
                 PART THREE:  16TH DECEMBER 2020 C.E.
16 Dec 2020
Fat Donnie Two-Scoops Is Trying to Wriggle Out of Past Deals 
That Prohibit Him From Residing at Mar-a-Lago.
16 Dec 2020

Fat Donnie Two-Scoops's Mar-a-Lago Problem
December 17, 2020